Hi! I'm Quentin, a Data Scientist and technology enthusiast


Yes, I am definitely the kind of person who has interests. Hobbies, too.

Having majored in applied machine learning gave me a solid enough background to be able to apprehend any artifical intelligence problem efficiently. I have for example had the opportunity to apply the skills I learned to Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Speech Recognition...

Artificial Intelligence

Web Development / Scraping, Growth Hacking, Reverse Engineering... I have grown convinced that ethical hacking has the potential to tackle a lot of the world's biggest issues, and not just the business-oriented ones.

Ethical Hacking

Global warming, domotics, smart cities and such are matters dear to my heart. As an aspiring traveller, I have been around (just) enough to have realized that Earth must be protected

Environmental Issues

Many things about the crypto world fascinate me. I find the idea of automated consensus mesmerizing, and the potential of digital currencies like Ethereum, running decentralized applications, is to me an obvious case of a future we're not yet ready to deal with


I am passionate about music in general, audio production with DAWs (especially Ableton), sound generation with deep learning... How about someday automating the creation of EDM to unveil the large joke that it is?

Digital Audio Production

But what is a data scientist without inner balance? (spoiler alert, the answer is burnt-out) I experimented extensively with meditation during some of my travels, and am now persuaded that meditation is a way, if not THE way, to inner peace


About Me

Having focused my college education on applied machine learning, I spent two years as a Geo-Information Data Scientist, with a strong emphasis on deep-learning research. I then chose to embark on the FDTI journey to apply and further expend my knowledge, while pursuing my passions.
For more information about my current activity, check out FDTI's website


Contact me if you want to initiate a project (I am currently working as a Data Science Strategy Consultant for FDTI), chat over coffee, or check what time it is (but I think they solved it :